AR# 5045


F1.5 Symbol Editor, XBLOX: Illegal bus format [0:0]


Keywords: symbol editor, bus, format, xblox, [0:0]

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When using an XBLOX bus which goes through a level of hierarchy,
it is necessary to label the pin on the user's symbol with the [0:0]
bus indices, i.e. DATA[0:0]. However, with F1.5, the Symbol Editor
will not allow you to save the symbol with a bus pin name of 1 bit
like this. This used to work with earlier versions of Foundation.

This is necessary when the user is using XBLOX with the XACTStep6
project type.


To workaround this issue, the XBLOX needs to be converted to a
regular bus before going through the hierarchy, and then in the
lower level schematic, you'll also need to convert it back from a
regular bus to an xblox bus. Therefore, the bus pin will have the
width defined by the regular bus. To convert an XBLOX bus to a
regular bus, or vice-versa, use the BUS_IFxx XBLOX library symbols.
Please refer to the XBLOX reference guide for details.
AR# 5045
日期 03/07/2002
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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