AR# 5053


A1.5/F1.5 Map - Map drops connection internal to CLB corrupting logic


A case has been seen where map incorrectly configures a CLB where a LUT drives the D inputs of both
flops. One of the flop connections is dropped and the flop is left undriven.



Work around is to BLKNM the flops to different CLBs:
INST "interface_cfg_out_reg<8>" BLKNM = "FOO" ;
INST "interface_cfg_out_reg<9>" BLKNM = "BAR" ;


A fix for this problem is included in the 1.5i Service Pack 1. For details
on this Service Pack see
AR# 5053
日期 04/19/2000
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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