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Xilinx Evaluation Kits - PCIe Cards - CE Requirements for PC Test Environment


CE requirements applicable to Xilinx Evaluation Kits dictate certain PC chassis requirements for PCIe operation, as outlined below.


When operating any Xilinx Evaluation board inside a PC Chassis, please ensure the PC Chassis lid is properly secured per thePC chassis manufacturer's instructions. The PC Chassis lid is an integral part of the EMI shielding of the system and will violate CE EMI/EMC emission requirements if it is not properly secured.

In the event the PC Chassis lid cannot be secured due to debug/probing or mechanical obstruction, then it is the user's responsibility to ensure the lidless PC Chassis is operated in an environment that provides adequate shielding, such as an EMI shielded room (RF screen room) or suitable EMI shielded rack enclosure.
For customers based in the EU that require working with Xilinx Evaluation Kits (such as the Kintex-7 Connectivity Kit) but do not have access to an RF screen room, Xilinx recommends purchasing an oversized Micro ATX PC Lid from Xilinx. The Chassis Lid is designed to work with the Pixel USA Computer system (see below). This will satisfy CE compliance in the EU for customers who do not have access to an RF screen room or similar environment. The custom PC Lid allows the end user to operate Xilinx Evaluation Kits (such as Kintex-7 Connectivity Kit) inside a PC enclosure.

Xilinx PC Lid:
If you are interested in purchasing the lid used by Xilinx with our test equipment, please contact your sales person and inquire about part number HW-CE-LID-G.

Pixel USA Computer System used by Xilinx to test and demonstrate PCIe Gen3 functionality:

Pixel USA Computer,
3229 Stevens Creek Blvd;
San Jose, CA 95117
+1 (408) 293-8333 - Voice
+1 (408) 293-8353 - Fax

Other suitable PC Chassis configurations and/or chassis lids may be used to alleviate mechanical interference if they provide at least 10 dB of shielding across the CE emissions frequency spectrum for Class A products.



AR# 50596
日期 01/25/2013
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