AR# 50646


14.2, 7Series GTX IBERT - Using the proper GTX settings when targeting production silicon


There are special considerations that need to be followed when generating a 7 series GTX IBERT core for production silicon. This answer record provides all the information that is necessary.


Starting in 14.2, the 7 series GTX IBERT core has been updated with the latest settings for production silicon. These settings are backwards compatible with General ES (GES) silicon.

The 7 series GTX IBERT wizard does not have an option for "production silicon." If you need to generate a 7 series GTX IBERT core for production silicon, select the GES silicon option in the wizard. This will use the new production silicon attribute values. The wizard will be updated in 14.3 to change the selection to "GES/Production Silicon" so that it is clear that the GES option and production silicon option use the same values.
AR# 50646
日期 07/17/2012
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