AR# 50692


7-Series Integrated Block Wrapper for PCI Express v1.4 (ISE 14.1/Vivado 2012.1) - The core may truncate some DLLPs/TLPs during the process of going into Recovery


Version Found: v1.4
Version Resolved and other Known Issues: See (Xilinx Answer 40469)

While in the process of going into the recovery state, the core may truncate some TLPs/DLLPs.


This issue has been seen in simulation of the core with a third party bus functional model (BFM). It can be ignored and any errors flagged by the BFM can be suppressed without any impact to the functionality of the core. As an specific example, a third party BFM may report INITFC DLLPs received out of order.
Revision History
07/25/2012 - Initial Release

NOTE: "Version Found" refers to the version the problem was first discovered. The problem might also exist in earlier versions, but no specific testing has been performed to verify earlier versions.
AR# 50692
日期 08/15/2012
状态 Archive
Type 已知问题
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