AR# 50725


14.2 ChipScope Pro Analyzer - I inserted an ILA 2.0 core in the Vivado tool, but the ChipScope analyzer recognizes it as an unsupported core


In 14.2 ChipScope analyzer, if the design has a new ILA 2.0 core inserted using the Vivado 2012.2 tool, the interface shows this core as "Unsupported."

Note that the new ILA 2.0 that is in the Vivado Design Suite can only be used with the Vivado Logic Analyzer feature. The ChipScope analyzer will only work with the legacy 1.x ChipScope cores. However, this messaging is slightly incorrect for the14.2 ChipScope analyzer.


The analyzer should recognize the 2.0 ILA core as an "ILA 2.0" core instead of "Unsupported." This will be updated in the 14.3 ChipScope analyzer.
AR# 50725
日期 01/31/2013
状态 Archive
Type 已知问题
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