AR# 50855


14.1 XST - "Register Balancing" switch causes MAP process to fail with RAMB36 primtives


The following error occurs in MAP when the XST option "register_balancing" is enabled andRAMB36 primitive is in the code.

These type of primitives need to have address bit [15] connected to '1' for non-cascading block RAM, otherwise MAP will generate following error message:

ERROR:PhysDesignRules:2378 - Issue with pin connections and/or configuration on block::.
The cascadable BlockRam feature is not used for port A (RAM_EXTENSION_A set to NONE).
The highest order port A address bit (ADDRARDADDRL15) must be tied to LOGIC 1


This happens because "register_balancing/register_ordering" option pipelines the signal to the pin[15] of RAMB36 primitive.

Even though the address is connected by code to a high value, theXST tool reorders the data path as follows:

To work around the issue, use "-keep_hierarchy = soft" in XST or disable "register_balancing" option from the HDL code with the following attribute:

attribute register_balancing of {signal_name |entity_name }: signal|entity} is "no";

AR# 50855
日期 12/21/2012
状态 Active
Type 已知问题
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