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Vivado - Is there a way to clear or delete messages in the Vivado GUI


I would like to delete an error or warning message from the messages tab that is not related to the current state of my design. Is there a way to do this?

For example, in the Tcl console I type "get_cells my_cell" but, I have not yet loaded my design so I get the following:

[Common 17-53] User Exception: No open design. Please open a design before executing this command.

The message makes sense. 

However, after I open the design and rerun the command, this message is still reported as an error in the message tab and in the Messages section of the Project Summary.

Because the message does not relate to the state of my design, I would like to remove it from the messages tab.

Can this be done?


In Vivado 2013.1 and earlier, messages that are not specific to a specific process, such as "user Exception errors" from the Tcl Console, can not be removed.

In Vivado 2013.2 and later, users can select the "trash can" icon to "Delete user created messages" created by syntax errors or from random Tcl commands run in the Tcl console.

For messages generated from a Vivado process, there is no option to remove selected messages without resetting the run or other process where it was generated.

Messages related to specific processes can be filtered or suppressed. See (Xilinx Answer 54851).

If a message is related to a specific process, it should be deleted once the issue is resolved and the process is rerun.

Alternatively, to clear error and warning messages that are unrelated to the project or project processes, close and reopen the Vivado IDE GUI and your current project. 

This will work with any Version of Vivado.

AR# 50884
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