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Vivado Simulation - How do I use -novopt with the integrated ModelSim Simulation flow?


How do I use "-novopt" with the integrated ModelSim Simulation flow?

the following error can occur when trying to use ModelSim, the -novopt option is required to work around it:

 # FATAL ERROR while loading design
 # Error loading design


To work around this issue, use the -novopt switch with ModelSim. 

This can be set up in Vivado Design Suite using the following Tcl command:

set_property -name modelsim.vsim_more_options -value -novopt -objects [get_filesets sim_1]

The following IP in the 2012.2 tools require the use of the -novopt switch, when using the integrated behavioral simulation flow with ModelSim:

  • LogiCORE AXI IIC Bus Interface v1.02.a
  • LogiCORE AXI Quad SPI v2.00.a
  • LogiCORE Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) v8.0
  • AXI Bus Function Model (BFM) v3.00.a
    • AXI3 Master BFM v3.00.a
    • AXI3 Slave BFM v3.00.a
    • AXI4 Lite Master BFM v3.00.a
    • AXI4 Lite Slave BFM v3.00.a
    • AXI4 Master BFM v3.00.a
    • AXI4 Slave BFM v3.00.a
    • AXI4 Streaming Master BFM v3.00.a
    • AXI4 Streaming Slave BFM v3.00.a




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