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2012.2 Vivado IP Flows - ERROR: [Common 17-69] Command failed : Upgrade IP was unsuccessful for


I have added existing CORE Generator IP cores or imported an ISE project containing IP cores into Vivado Integrated Design Environment or PlanAhead tool.
The design seems to work correctly.  However, when attempting to upgrade an IP core to the latest version in Vivado Integrated Design Environment or PlanAhead tool, the upgrade fails with the error: 

    ERROR: [Common 17-69] Command failed : Upgrade IP was unsuccessful for <IP name & version>

Is upgrade IP available for IP generated with CORE Generator?
Is there a way around this issue?


This problem can be caused by the existence of a CORE Generator project file (coregen.cgc) in the directory containing the IP core.

IP cores in ISE of CORE Generator are written with a .xco extension.  IP cores generated in Vivado Design Suite and PlanAhead tool are written with a .xci extension.

An existing .xco IP core can be added to a PlanAhead or Vivado IDE project and used as is.  However, when attempting to upgrade the IP core, the PlanAhead or Vivado tools are attempting to upgrade and regenerate at the same time.  The upgrade occurs in a newly written .xci file but the parameters from the .cgc file are then incorrectly being used and overwriting these values. This effectively reverses the upgrade and causes the procedure to fail.

Some possible ways to work around this issue are:

    • Delete or remove the coregen.cgc file before running the upgrade process.  The upgrade_ip.tcl script (attached below) can be run after opening older PlanAhead projects in Vivado prior to running upgrade? This basically deletes the coregen.cgc file.
    • Upgrade the core in standalone CORE Generator and then re-import into the PlanAhead tool or Vivado Design Suite
    • Import the IP core(s) into the PlanAhead/Vivado project using the Copy source files option (copies IP core to a new directory without copying the coregen.cgc)

The known issues related to this error message have been fixed in Vivado Design Suite 2012.3. 

AR# 50988
日期 07/05/2013
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