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Zynq-7000 Debug - How do I debug the Linux kernel using Lauterbach T32?


How do I debug the Linux kernel 3.3 using Lauterbach T32?


The following is needed to debug the Linux kernel 3.3 using Lauterbach T32.

From Lauterbach, the Linux Awareness package should be present in the TRACE32 installation directory under demo/arm/kernel/linux.

From, the Linux repository compiled with the the following "debug" selection: "Kernel hacking -> Compile the kernel with debug info"  has to be enabled.

From Lauterbach, the startup practice script that you can find at

This is what the script does:

- Connect to Zynq
- Download vmlinux
- Download devicetree.dtb
- Download ramdisk image
- Load Linux kernel symbols
- Initialize the MMU
- Initialize Linux Awareness
- Start Linux

Note: Before running the Linux kernel, FSBL and U-boot need to run on the board (for example to initialize DDR). You could copy a BOOT.bin containing FSBL+U-boot on a SD card, boot from it and stop at u-boot prompt.



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