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System Generator 14.2 - How do I include a System Generator design in my PlanAhead project?


My PlanAhead 14.2project includes some modules which are System Generator designs. How do I incorporate my System Generator design into PlanAhead tool?


First, ensure you are using 14.2 System Generator to create your MDL along with a supported version of . See (Xilinx Answer 17966). If the MDL has been created with a previous version of System Generator, please ensure you have upgraded it to 14.2 by opening it in 14.2 System Generator.

After doing this, you can use the "Add Sources" in the PlanAhead GUI and select "Add or Create DSP source," navigate to the MDL file you wish to add and select "Finish." This will add the MDL file and update the project hierarchy to include the System Generator file.



AR# 51142
日期 11/28/2012
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