AR# 51329


14.2 CompXlib - Running the Library Compilation for ModelSim SE 10.0a/b/c can result in the GUI hanging


Setting up the "Xilinx Simulation Library Compilation Wizard" in ISE 14.2 to compile the libraries for ModelSim SE 10.0 a/b or c can lead to the GUI never completing the compilation.

It can hang at both 90% and 100% and then will not allow the GUI to complete the compilation.


ModelSim SE 10.0 a/b or c are not supported. 

When the library compilation is run using ModelSim 10.1a or later, no issue occurs and the libraries compile in a timely fashion.

Please use supported versions only.

AR# 51329
日期 09/23/2014
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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