AR# 51403


Virtex-7 GTH Transceivers: CAUI 8-byte FPGA TX interface not supported in Engineering Sample (ES) Silicon


In the Virtex-7 GTH Initial ES/General ES silicon, the CAUI TX interface (64B/66B or 64B/67B Encoding with GEARBOX_MODE[2] = 1b1) does not support the 8-byte FPGA TX interface with 4-byte internal data width (TX_DATA_WIDTH = 64and TX_INT_DATAWIDTH = 1).


4-byte FPGA TX interfaces with 4-byte internal data width and CAUI RX interfaces are not affected by this and are supported.
The CAUI TX 8-byte interface with 4-byte internal data width is expected to be supported in Production GTH silicon. 
AR# 51403
日期 06/13/2017
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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