AR# 51503


Vivado HLS 2012.2- SystemC synthesis results in error: "@E [HLS-70] Compilation errors found: error: request for member 'to_bool'in... "


When to_bool() is used, Synthesis reports the following error.

@E [HLS-70] Compilation errors found:
source.cpp: In member function 'void top_function::func()':
source.cpp:220: error: request for member 'to_bool'in '((int)_ap_sc_::sc_dt::sc_bv<32>(((const ap_range_ref<288, false>&)((const ap_range_ref<288, false>*)(& ap_int_base<_AP_W, _AP_S>::range(int, int) [with int _AP_W = 288, bool _AP_S = false](31, 0)))))._ap_sc_::sc_dt::sc_bv<32>::<anonymous>.ap_int_base<_AP_W, _AP_S>::xor_reduce [with int _AP_W = 32, bool _AP_S = false]()) ^ ((int)ap_int_base<_AP_W, _AP_S>::operator[](int) [with int _AP_W = 288, bool _AP_S = false](280).ap_bit_ref<_AP_W, _AP_S>::operator bool [with int _AP_W = 288, bool _AP_S = false]()))' which is of non-class type 'int'


To work around this, delete '.to_bool()' in the code.

This issue is resolved in 2012.3 Vivado HLS.
AR# 51503
日期 10/09/2012
状态 Archive
Type 已知问题
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