AR# 51549


2012.3 Vivado IP Flows - I open the IP Catalog of my Vivado netlist project, but cannot open an IP customization GUI


If I open my Vivado project, I can open the IP Catalog by selecting either File -> Open IP Catalog or Layout -> IP Catalog. However, after selecting the desired IP, I do not have an option to open the IP customization GUI; double-clicking on the IP does not do anything.


In Vivado 2012.2, the IP Catalog is only available for RTL sourced projects. Vivado 2012.2 post-Synthesis or post-Place and Route projects do not have access to the IP Catalog from the Vivado GUI.

In Vivado 2012.3 and later, there is a "Standalone IP Catalog" option which can be selected by using the "Manage IP" option when the Vivado IDE is opened without a project.

Even though the IP Catalog can be viewed in the Vivado 2012.3 tools with a netlist project open, IP customization is not available. In order to customize an IP core, you need to open an RTL project or use the Manage IP option with no project open.

AR# 51549
日期 10/23/2013
状态 Archive
Type 已知问题
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