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LogiCORE PCI - Is snooping supported?


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What is snooping? Is it supported in the LogiCORE PCI interface?


A general definition of snooping is simply one PCI resource monitoring a bus cycle, and that resource may either be an active or passive participant in the bus cycle. An example of an active resource is the snoop by the cache controller of a PCI master memory read access cycle and an example of a passive participant is a graphics card snoop of write access cycles to the VGA chip.

1. When a cache resource is accessed, it is required that the address on the AD signal lines is compared (snooped) to the address of the entries in the cache to determine a match (cache hit). The cache controller in the HOST/PCI BRIDGE drives the SDONE and SBO# signals to indicate the completion of the snoop and whether a cache hit has occurred. Both the SDONE and SBO# signals are not supported by the LogiCORE interface. The PCI specification recommends that the systems that do not support cacheable memory (the SDONE and SBO# signals) should be pulled up at the connector.

2. A graphics card must update its color palette every time the PCI bus master updates the color palette of the VGA chip. The PCI bus master and the VGA chip complete the write cycle as two bus cycle participants. The graphics card is required to monitor and latch the written palette data simultaneously with or before the PCI master and the write cycle terminated the access cycle.

The system BIOS must set Bit 5 in the PCI command register if VGA palette snooping is supported.

The PCI LogiCORE interface does not support snooping, so the Bit 5 is a read-only location defined as 0.

AR# 5159
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