AR# 51601


14.2 EDK/ XPS_SYSMON_ADC v3.00b - Incorrect error message in DRC check when disabling interrupt of the IP


I generate a BSB design and add this core in the system.

After disabling interrupt and making the necessary connections in the system, I receive this error in the console:

ERROR:EDK:3900 - issued from TCL procedure "::hw_xps_sysmon_adc_v3_00_b::check_syslevel_settings" line 11
xps_sysmon_adc_0 (xps_sysmon_adc) -
 The port IP2INTC_Irpt of xps_sysmon_adc_0 is connected but no interrupt control logic is included.




This error message is incorrect and can be ignored.

The IP2INTC_Irpt is not connected anywhere when interrupt is disabled. 

A CR has been filed for this to be fixed in a future release.

AR# 51601
日期 10/02/2014
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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