AR# 51754


14.2 SysGen - Cannot select 'Expose clock ports' for Multirate Implementation


I am trying to change the multi-rate implementation from the default 'clock enables' to 'expose clock ports' in the SysGen token.

However, when you make this change, click apply, then OK (to close the sysgen token), the change is not saved. The next time you open the sysgen token, it is changed back to 'clock enables.'

Why does this happen? How can I work around this?


This is a known issue found in 14.2 of SysGen.

The current work-around for this issue is to NOT click OK/Close the SysGen token (i.e., keep the SysGen token open after changing to 'expose clock ports', then click Generate). It will not save the setting, but it will still allow you to generate using 'expose clock ports'.

It is necessary to select this option in the SysGen token again if you require to re-generate this MDL at a future date.

This issue has been resolved in SysGen 14.3.

AR# 51754
日期 06/03/2013
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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