AR# 51852


14.2 SysGen - xlVDMACreateProject function provided with SysGen fails with errors


I am trying to use the xlVDMACreateProject function provided with the SysGen tools (documented in the reference guide). However, it fails with errors like this:

Error using xlVDMACreateProject (line 150)
An error occurred when searching for the VDMA block
in the design.

How do I resolve this?


This is a known issue in the 14.1/14.2 version of SysGen and is fixed in 14.3.

For 14.1 and 14.2, you can work-around this issue by opening the 'synopsis' file that is generated in the netlist directory and replacing instances of 'vdma_v5_0' with 'vdma'.

AR# 51852
日期 10/10/2013
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