AR# 51903


AXI Bridge for PCI Express - Is Extended Configuration Register supported?


Is Extended Configuration Register supported in the AXI Bridge for PCIe core (EDK)?


No, this is not supported.

A CR has been filed to have this feature added in a future release.

Extended Configuration Registers are not handled by the PCIe core and any configuration packets targeting these locations will be passed on to the User Logic.

The Xilinx PCIe core is potentially able to do this (which is why the feature is supported in the Coregen PCIe core).

However, the AXI Bridge is not designed to pass this information from the PCIe core to the processor (or the AXI device that the packet is targeted for)

As a result it is not supported in the EDK PCIe core.

AR# 51903
日期 10/02/2014
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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