AR# 51944


14.2 install - XPS produces an INTERNAL_ERROR when launched from PlanAhead


I downloaded and installed Xilinx ISE14.2/Vivado 2012.2 to begin using Zynq and I also have a WebPACK license.

However, if XPS is launched from PlanAhead, it produces the following error:


INTERNAL_ERROR:PersonalityModule:baspmspec.c:1751:1.79 - Could not load definition file <qvirtex6.acd>


This error currently occurs if you have the ISE 14.2/Vivado 2012.2 WebPACK Edition installed on your PC.

You need to install Logic Edition or higher to work around this issue. 

The work-around is to uninstall this WebPACK edition of the tools and install, for example, a full ISE Logic Edition instead.

This will resolve the error. 

AR# 51944
日期 06/09/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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