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Mentor: Can I bring a non Mentor design into Quicksim II for a Board Level Timing Simulation?


Keywords: Board, Simulation, Quicksim, Board Level

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General Description:

I have done my design in a 3rd party tool targeting a Xilinx part,
and have gone through the Xilinx tools and now I want to do a
Board Level Timing Simualation. Is this possible?


Yes this is possible doing the following:

1) Create the Board level schematic. On the symbol for the Xilinx
component make sure to add the following properties to the instance:

lca_technology to the target architecture, ie XC4000e, of type string.

MODEL xilinx_simtype of type expression so that this can be dynamically
changed between functional and timing.

2) Be sure to run ngd2edif -v mentor, or if using the GUI make sure
to choose the option for 'Quicksim' in the Implementation->Options,
Simulation dialogue box when processing the design.

3) Run pld_edif2tim on the Xilinx FPGA design.

4) After creating the board level schematic with the symbol for the
Xilinx FPGA on it, run 'xbvpt -t' -t for timing, on the board design.
This will write Xilinx-specific properties into the board-level viewpoint.

5) Run regmodel to register the EDDM model with the component using
regmodel -t, on the Xilinx component. If you used pld_edif2tim defaults,
then you will run regmodel on designname_lib/designname/view_1

You are now ready to run Quicksim II for Timing simulation.

NOTE: For a more detailed description of the flow, scripts, and usage,
please use (Xilinx solution 2560). This will all the scripts, the usage,
and flows, for running a functional and timing board level simulation.
AR# 5199
日期 10/05/2008
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