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2012.2 Vivado - Adding a Debug core to my Vivado design results in "ERROR: [Common 17-143] Path length exceeds 260-Byte maximum allowed by Windows"


If I add debug cores to a design in Vivado, the design has the potential to error out due to the 260-character path limit.

For example, if I am working in the Vivado 2012.2 tools on the example MIG DDR3 design targeting a Virtex-7 device, the following error occurs when I add the "debug core" to my design :

WARNING: [Coretcl 2-203] Allowing create_ip to be called on hidden IP:
Generating IP 'debug_core_hub_CV'...
Delivering 'Synthesis' files for IP 'debug_core_hub_CV'.
Error encountered during generation and synthesis of IP:

ERROR: [Common 17-143] Path length exceeds 260-Byte maximum allowed by Windows.

Implementing also fails at the beginning of the implementation flow.

Why is this happening?


Windows has a 260-character limit on path lengths and when the Debug Core is inserted, Vivado generates the extra hierarchy, causing the path to exceed 260 characters.

There are several ways to work around this issue:

  • Take advantage of drive mapping to shorten the path name (e.g., map "P" drive to C:/myDesignLocation).
  • Move the project to the top level of the directory structure.
  • Use a Linux system to add the Debug core and implement the design (if a Linux system is available).

In the Vivado 2012.3 tools, the path length of the Debug IP was significantly reduced to help avoid this Windows path length issue.

See also: (Xilinx Answer 52787)



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