AR# 52126


2012.2 Vivado - Running Vivado IDE from a specific Linux desktop uses a large percentage of CPU


When I run Vivado Integrated Design Environment from a particular Linux machine, Vivado seems slow and is using a high percentage of the machine's CPU (e.g. 100% of two CPUs; 40% of six CPU).

Running Vivado with the same design and the same processes on another system does not use excessive CPU resources.

Also, If I run Vivado in Tcl mode, the excessive CPU resources are not used.


There was a leap second update on June 30th, 2012, which has been identified as causing applications using FUTEX calls (such as Vivado) to consume 100% of CPU. 

The issue is present in all Linux kernel versions >= 2.6.22 later releases.

The issue is caused by the FUTEX subsystem timing becoming de-synchronized causing FUTEX calls to return a time-out. 

The calls continually loop and time out which results in a high CPU usage and slows the application performance.

This issue can be identified by running strace on the Vivado process and checking the strace log for numerous calls to FUTEX ('strace -f <PID>'). 

The System date can be reset with the command : date -s "`date`"

After running this command, the CPU usage and Vivado IDE GUI performance should return to normal.

AR# 52126
日期 05/20/2014
状态 Archive
Type 已知问题
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