AR# 522


VST/386+ Gives "Terminal Error - Incompatible Version of MODEL Files."


When running SIMULATE (or hitting the Simulate button) with the OrCAD
VST/386+ versions prior to 1.20, the program returns the following error

"Terminal Error - Incompatable Version of MODEL Files."


This is due to the fact that OrCAD has modified it's simulation library
format in VST v1.20. The Unified Libraries released with XACT 5 (as well
as libraries prior to XACT 5) are compiled in an older VST library format.
The new library format is necessary in order for OrCAD to facilitate board
level simulation. The error message is correct, the MODEL libraries do need
to be updated in order to use VST386+ v1.20.

For the XACT 5 Unified Libraries, obtain a copy of ORCSRC.ZIP from either the
software help directory on the Xilinx BBS, or from the <Drive>:\XBBS\swhelp
directory of the XACT 5.1 CD. Unzip the file using the command:


Each of the directories (i.e. XC2000, XC3000, XC4000, & XC7000) will contain
the necessary '.DSF' files. Use these files to compile the OrCAD libraries,
and use them in place of the MODEL.DAT & MODEL.NDX files that came with the
XACT 5.0 or XACT 5.1 Unified Libraries.

The .DSF files for the non-Unified Libraries can be found in the file
ORLIBSRC.ZIP on the Xilinx BBS.

NOTE: The files in ORCSRC.ZIP are uncompiled text files. They must be
compiled using OrCADs tools in order to make valid MODEL.NDX and MODEL.DAT
files (both binary) for use in the OrCAD VST386+ v1.20 simulator.
To compile these .dsf files from DOS, do the following:
modelpro library.dsf
This should update the MODEL.DAT and MODEL.NDX files.

Note that Xilinx has updated the simulation libraries for VST 386+ version 1.2x
with the 5.2/6.0 release of XACTstep.

AR# 522
日期 10/01/2008
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