AR# 52228


KC724 - Differential pairs in Master UCF on Early Access site have LVCMOS IOSTANDARD settings


The KC724 Master UCF file on the Early Access site ( lists the IOSTANDARD for differential pairs AJ3, AK3, B25 and C25 as LVCMOS18. Is this correct?


AJ3 and AK3 are CM_LVDS3_N / P pins, while B25 and C25 are LVDS_OSC_N / _P pins.

Differential pairAJ3 AK3 should havethe IOSTANDARD LVDS associated with them.
Differential pair B25 C25 should have the IOSTANDARD LVDS_25 associated with them.

This has been corrected in v1.0 of the Master UCF, available on the public KC724 Board Files page:

AR# 52228
日期 11/06/2012
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