AR# 52247


LogiCORE IP Aurora 64B66B v7.1 - Core targeting Virtex-6 GTH transceivers require PMA_INIT and RESET to be asserted at both channel partners


In Aurora 64B66B Core targeting GTH transceivers in Virtex-6 devices, if one end of the Aurora link is reset, then the user has to reset the link partner Aurora as well to get Channel-up High. This answer record explains the reason for this behavior.


In Aurora 64B66B Core targeting Virtex-6 GTH transceivers, Gearbox is implemented in fabric as opposed to the Duplex cores targeting other transceivers (Gearbox is part of these transceivers). It is an implementation requirement that reset needs to be applied on both sides for the links to initialize successfully. This is required because the gearbox always looks for known patterns to start its operation and remain in sync. The gearbox slip will scan the incoming data and slide the window to lock to the expected pattern (without the required pattern the Gearbox cannot align itself). Therefore, it is required that both ends need to be reset in the case of Virtex-6 GTH designs.

Also, Gearbox is enhanced to follow byte-level slip logic in order for it to detect and lock to the known pattern boundary present in the incoming data pattern.

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AR# 52247
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