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14.2 TRCE/Timing Analyzer - Why is the clock of the write process used in the Timing report in the read path of Distributed RAM if this is asynchronous?


In the Timing Analysis report, Ihave the"Tshcko" for the calculations of the read pathin a Distributed RAM.
Why do I have this delay value if it is related to the writing process?


In UG364 there is an explanation of the distributed RAM read/write process on page 38.
This distributed RAM can only be implemented into SLICEM.

As we can see, in the asynchronous reading process the Time delay for the reset processis,"Tilo" (propagation delay from the inputs through the look-up table to the output).
However, in the Timing Analysis the value reported is "Tshcko" (Time after the CLK of a write operation the data written is stable on the outputs).

This is because the tools work with the worstcase scenario for the Timing Analysis.
In this situation the longer time delay happens when a Writing process is done in the distributed RAM, and then a read process from the same memory position is carried out.



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