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LogiCORE Initiator/Target for PCI - How does the LogiCORE interface handle a target abort?


How does the LogiCORE interface handle a target abort?


A target may request an abnormal termination if it detects a fatal error or if it will never be able to complete the request. This is known as a "target abort." A target abort may cause a fatal error for the user application, but the transaction completes successfully, thus preserving normal operation for other agents.

A target abort termination can occur only after the DEVSEL# line has been asserted for at lease one clock cycle. The target signals target abort by deasserting DEVSEL# and asserting STOP# at the same time. Target abort can occur whether or not data is being accessed.

A target abort signals to the present PCI master that it should not repeat the same COMMAND type to the same address (target). It can try a different COMMAND type.

The LogiCORE PCI interface deasserts the FRAME_IO signal after receiving a target abort (asserts STOP_IO). The user application can cause the LogiCORE target interface to signal a target abort and set the "signaled target abort bit (CSR 27)" in the status register by asserting the S_ABORT signal.

A LogiCORE initiator will set the "received target abort bit (CSR 28)" when it detects that an addressed target signaled a target abort.

The "target signaled abort bit (CSR38)" is set after the target signals an abort condition.

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