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Vivado System Generator - How do I configure MATLAB with Vivado System Generator?


From the Start menu, I can see Vivado System Generator under the "Vivado 2012.x" program, but I do not see a System Generator configurator program available.

Is it possible to configure MATLAB and Vivado System Generator?

If so, how is this done?


To configure MATLAB and Vivado System Generator, you must use the System Generator for MATLAB Configurator under the ISE 14.x version of System Generator when navigating from the Start menu.

When this is invoked, choose Vivado from the drop-down menu.

It is then necessary to open System Generator from under the "Vivado 2012.x" program again.

From the 2013.1 tool release, Vivado and ISE are completely separate software installations and as such Vivado System Generator will have its own configurator program available.

AR# 52330
日期 06/03/2013
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