AR# 52412


14.x Licensing - "ERROR:EDK - A license was not found for the XPS feature..."


The following error occurs when I startthe XPS GUI or use the PlanAhead toolto create an XPS sub-module:

"ERROR:EDK - A license was not found for the XPS feature.
Typical causes for this error are either that there is no license file found or that license files, which were found, do not contain an unexpired license with the required feature. The Xilinx License Configuration Manager
(XLCM) will be launched to assist you with locating or obtaining a license file."

I have a license that came with my device board kit or Targeted Design Platform (TDP) kit.

Why does thiserror occur?


This situation happens when there is only a license for xps_tdp.

While this error message occurs, it can be dismissed as long as the xps_tdp license is valid, and the part being used is licensed (such as Zynq). Project generation should work fine.

AR# 52412
日期 02/04/2013
状态 Active
Type 已知问题
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