AR# 52553


14.2 Kintex-7 Pack - MAP fails with incorrect error messages regarding over-utilized high range I/O banks


Cases have been seen where designs with high utilization of high range I/Os fail with incorrect messages about the high range I/O banks being over-utilized.

ERROR:Pack:2943 - This device does not have enough High Range I/O Banks to support the number of I/Os that have I/O standards above 1.8V that require placement into High Range I/O banks. Please evaluate the number of High Range I/O banks your design requires and compare that to the number of High Range banks supported in this device/package.

ERROR:Map:237 - The design is too large to fit the device.  Please check the Design Summary section to see which resource requirement for your design exceeds the resources available in the device. Note that the number of slices reported may not be reflected accurately as their packing might not have been completed.


This problem will be fixed in ISE Design Suite 14.4.

Patches are available for both version 14.2 and 14.3 and are attached to this Answer Record.

To install the Linux patch use the commands below:
tar zxvf 52553_pack_142_lin64.tar.gz

To install the Windows patch, unzip in the XILINX install directory while maintaining directory structure.


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AR# 52553
日期 07/30/2014
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