AR# 52567


14.2/14.3 iMPACT - Spartan-6 indirect SPI programming fails with Flash ID check failure and cannot detect SPI flash


iMPACT 14.2/14.3 fail to detect an attached SPI flash on some Spartan-6 devices. If attempting an Indirect programming operation the core file will load, but subsequently the operation fails with the following messages:

Validating chain...
Boundary-scan chain validated successfully.
'1': IDCODE is '000000' (in hex).
'1': ID Check failed.
INFO:iMPACT:2488 - The operation did not complete successfully.
INFO:iMPACT - SPI Device not found.

How do I work around this issue?


This issue is resolved in iMPACT 14.4. It only occurs in iMPACT 14.2 and 14.3.



Answer Number 问答标题 问题版本 已解决问题的版本
47890 14.x iMPACT - Known Issues for the iMPACT 14.x tools N/A N/A
AR# 52567
日期 02/11/2013
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