AR# 52628


14.x CoreGen - IBERT Virtex-6 GTX - v2.06.a core crashes/errors right after being selected to generate


When trying to generate an IBERT core for a Virtex-6 device, CORE Generator crashes/errors with a popup and error message in the console.

Error popup:

The following error occurred: Failure to generate 'chipscope_ibert_virtex6_GTX_v2_06_a'.
ERROR: Customization failed. 
An error occurred while opening IP GUI.

Error message seen in the console:

ERROR:coreutil - ERROR:sim:159 - An internal error has occurred. Closing IBERT Virtex6 GTX (ChipScope Pro - IBERT) GUI.
ERROR:sim:932 - Customizer could not update instance 'chipscope_ibert' from its IP model
An Error occurred during Customization.


This is an IBERT GUI issue that is caused by selecting the "MGTm n" naming style with Quad Based protocol selection instead of GT based.
To work around this, leave the default GTX naming style, XnYn, as it still displays the MGT number.
AR# 52628
日期 12/03/2014
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