AR# 5269


Install 1.5i: Installing 1.5i documentation CD on Solaris 2.X/HP-UX 10.xx results in ERRORS


Keywords: links, dynatext, documentation, 1.5i

Urgency: Standard


When installing the documentation CD from M1.5i (and 1.5) one may encounter errors similar to the following:

Source Directory : /cdrom/docs
Destination Directory : /opt/local/xilinx/alliance_vm1.5i
Platform : sol
Preparing packing list
Installing Cadence Interface/Tutorial Guide
Installing Core online book files
Installing Constraints Editor Reference/User Guide
Installing Development System Reference Guide
Installing Design Manager/Flow Engine Reference/User Guide
Installing Development System User Guide
Installing EPIC Design Editor Reference/User Guide
Installing Floorplanner Reference/User Guide
Installing Hardware Debugger Reference/User Guide
Installing Hardware User Guide
Installing JTAG Programmer Guide
Installing Libraries Guide
Installing LogiBLOX Reference/User Guide
Installing Mentor Graphics Interface/Tutorial Guide
Installing PROM File Formatter Reference/User Guide
Installing Quick Start Guide for Xilinx Alliance Series vA1.4
Installing CPLD Schematic Design Guide
Installing CPLD Synthesis Design Guide
Installing Timing Analyzer Reference/User Guide
Installing Dynatext Browser
Installing Viewlogic Interface/Tutorial Guide
Installing Synopsys (XSI) Interface/Tutorial Guide
making links
ERROR - </opt/local/xilinx/alliance_vm1.5i/data/dtext/data/X11/defaults/de> exists but is not a
ERROR - </opt/local/xilinx/alliance_vm1.5i/data/dtext/data/X11/defaults/fr> exists but is not a
ERROR - </opt/local/xilinx/alliance_vm1.5i/data/dtext/data/X11/defaults/iso_8859_1> exists but is
not a link.

ERROR - </opt/local/xilinx/alliance_vm1.5i/data/dtext/data/help/zh_TW> exists but is not a link.
Finished XILINX online documentation install at Thu 12/17/98, 16:40:19
Press Enter to continue


These errors have no effect on functionality and be regarded
AR# 5269
日期 08/23/2001
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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