AR# 52758


2012.2 Vivado IP Flows - Upgrading Cordic core from version 4.0 to 5.0 native does not copy the "Compensation Scaling" setting.


If I upgrade Cordic 4.0 to 5.0 native in Vivado 2012.2, the compensation scaling setting is lost (compensation scaling is set to "no scaling").


The upgrade script will always set Compensation_Scaling to No_Scale_Compensation in the resulting v5.0 instance (XCO or XCI) regardless of the previous setting.

To work around this issue, hand-edit the resulting XCO (ISE) or XCI (Vivado) to re-instate the former value of the Compensation_Scaling parameter. 

All other parameters, additions and deletions are un-affected.

This issue is fixed in release 2012.3.

AR# 52758
日期 06/09/2014
状态 Archive
Type 已知问题
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