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2012.2 Vivado IP Flows - [IP_Flow 19-2167] Failed to recreate IP instance 'DDS_coregen_ip'. Invalid project options detected: Native IP flow is unavailable


After a 14.1 PlanAhead project containing a DDS Compiler core has been imported in the Vivado 2012.2 tool, the generated instantiation template for the DDS Compiler core is completely different.

The following steps are used:

  1. Import the PlanAhead project into Vivado.
  2. Select the IP Sources tab in Sources View.
  3. Open the "DDS_coregen_ip" Instantiation Template and note how the template is being exported.
  4. Close the DDS core Instantiation template.
  5. Now generate the DDS IP core again from the Sources View.
  6. Switch back to the IP Sources tab and open the "DDS_coregen_ip" Instantiation Template.
    It can now be observed that the template is completely different from what is being exported or generated by the CORE Generator tool.
    The number of ports and the names of the ports in the instantiation template are very different.

If the project is now closed and re-opened, the following message occurs and the core is removed from the project:

[IP_Flow 19-2167] Failed to recreate IP instance 'DDS_coregen_ip'. Invalid project options detected: Native IP flow is unavailable.

When attempting to add the xci file back in to the project, a similar message appears.

The .xco file can be added.


This core is incorrectly being converted to a native Vivado IP during project migration. 

The instantiation templates delivered are different because the original is generated by the CORE Generator tool with the ISE version of the core and the subsequent generation is done with the Vivado IP flow using the Native Vivado version of the core. 

The original core should have been added to the project as it was without the core being reset or re-generated unless the user specifically upgraded to the newer version.

To work around this issue, the following two files should be deleted from the project before opening it in the Vivado tool:

<project dir>/<project name>.srcs/sources_1/ip/dds_compiler_v5_0_0/DDS_coregen_ip.xci
<project dir>/<project name>.srcs/sources_1/ip/dds_compiler_v5_0_0/DDS_coregen_ip.xml

The Vivado 2012.3 tool has been enhanced to prevent an IP core from being changed in this way. 

However, if you have already attempted a conversion and are seeing this issue, you will still need to delete the above two files before opening the design in the Vivado tool to see the correct results.

AR# 52760
日期 06/09/2014
状态 Archive
Type 已知问题
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