AR# 52766


Zedboard - SDK - "Error while running xzynqresetstatus:" is seen when attempting to "Program FPGA"


If "Error while running xzynqresetstatus:" is seen whenattemptingto "Program FPGA" on the Zedboard,this may be due to incorrect jumper settings on the board(JP7 - JP11).


By default, jumper settings on the Zedboard are setforSD Card. Please ensure the jumpers on the Zedboard are set correctly for the mode you intend to use.

You can check this in the Zedboard (Zynq Evaluation and Development) Hardware Users Guide, available here:


For the ZedBoard CTT: Thisrequires the jumpers to be set as Cascaded JTAG and so JP7 - JP11should all be set to GND.

AR# 52766
日期 11/16/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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