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Vivado 2012.3 - Where can I find the tutorial referenced in Hierarchical Design: Design Reuse (UG905).


The Vivado Design Suite User Guide > Hierarchical Design >Design Reuse, (UG905) mentions a tutorial, Vivado Design Suite Tutorial: Top-Down Reuse (UG946). Where can I find this document?


This tutorial is available upon request from Xilinx Support.

Of the Design Reuse flows enabled Vivado 2012.3, the one that is most fully featured is Module Implementation, the ability to implement a module of a design out of context of the top level design. The Reuse flows are supported, but should be considered beta. In order to achieve high quality results upon assembly, context constraints must be supplied by the designer, as shown in UG905 and UG946. Many ease of use features that help designers create and apply these context constraints are in development for upcoming versions of the Vivado Design Suite.

AR# 52794
日期 01/30/2013
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