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Exemplar: Spectrum synthesis is giving me warning component ... has no visible entity binding


Keywords: visible, entity, binding, warning, instantiation

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

Using Exemplar Leonardo Spectrum Quick Setup or the Wizard, when I
'Run Flow' is see a warning similiar to the following:

top_file.vhd, line 29: Warning, component bufgdll has no visible
entity binding

I have set Target Technology to the appropriate Xilinx architecture.
Why am I getting warnings about my technology dependant component


The warning is the result is the combination of using the Exemplar
Leonardo Spectrum Quick Setup or Wizard, and having technology dependant
component instantiations in the HDL code. Currently using the Quick
Setup or Wizard will run the flow in a way that the HDL file is read
in first before the library is loaded. The result is that all the
Xilinx component instantiations are considered 'Black Boxes' by
synthesis. There are two ways of getting around this:

1) Set the technology on the HDL file by doing the following:
a) Right mouse click on the input design file(s)
b) Scroll down to the Set Technology for a single file,
or scroll down to Set Technology All for multiple HDL files
containing technology dependant instantiations.
c) Set the technology to the appropriate Xilinx architecture.
d) After entering in the appropriate entries for the Wizard or
Quick Setup click on the 'Run Flow' button.

2) Using the 'Flow Tabs' will work fine without setting the
Technology on the input HDL files, since the steps are run
run individually (load library, read, etc.) by the user,
as opposed to the Wizard or Quick Setup, which runs them
all at once.
AR# 5280
日期 04/24/2007
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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