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7 Series GTX/GTH Fast Simulation Models - Speed up of GTX/GTH components for the 14.4 ISE environment


This answer record provides a patch for the GTX/GTH models in the 14.4 ISE environment to allow for faster simulation times.  

This patch applies only to the ISE environment.  

This patch is necessary in ISE Design Suite if you wish to use the fast models for simulation with one of the supported simulators (Aldec, Modelsim, NCSIM, or VCS). 

Unlike Vivado Design Suite, ISE Design Suite does not have the Unifast libraries already integrated in the install.



  1. Navigate to the $Xilinx/ directory.
  2. Copy the patch zip file to this directory.
  3. Extract the contents of the zip file to this directory.
    : the zip file contains contents in various subdirectories which will overwrite existing contents.
    Select Yes when prompted if it is desired to overwrite these files.
  4. Re-run compxlib for your third party simulation tool.

Please note that the .zip files have been broken up by simulator. 

It is not necessary to install all of the individual patches, but for a complete installation it is recommended that you install all of them. 


文件名 文件大小 File Type 16 MB ZIP 16 MB ZIP 4 MB ZIP 16 MB ZIP



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51198 7 Series GTX Fast Simulation Models - Speed up of GTXE components for the ISE environment N/A N/A
AR# 52830
日期 07/29/2014
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