AR# 52861


Hierarchical Design - Vivado Reuse error when GTX component placed in Unbonded GT site during OOC


When implementing an out-of-context (OOC) module which contains a GTX component, the GTX is placed at a site with un-bonded I/O. This can occur if the OOC module does not contain the dedicated I/O buffers associated with the GTX.

When the OOC implementation results are read into the top-level, and the placement is fixed with lock_design, the dedicated I/O buffers cannot be placed at an un-bonded site. This results in the following error message.

Error Message:

ERROR: [Vivado 12-1406] Cannot mark the 'site' location of instances fixed, Site IPAD_X1Y18 is not bonded. Place terminal rxn and connected instances in a site with a PAD


The solution here is, if the OOC implementation results are going to be reused/imported into a top-level design:

1. Make sure that the GTX component is LOCed during an OOC implementation.
2. Instantiate the necessary I/O buffers inside of the OOC module so that the entire shape can be built.
AR# 52861
日期 11/12/2012
状态 Active
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