AR# 52862


14.3 PROM File Formatter - 512 Mb is not selectable in the drop down menu when generating a SPI Flash file


The drop down menu in the PROM File Formatter wizard in iMPACT for SPI Flash does not allow you to select 512 Mb for the Storage Device size. How do I generate a 512 Mb file?


To generate the MCS file, you need to use Promgen command line.

promgen -w -p mcs -c FF -o output_spi.mcs -u 0000 bitfile1.bit spi

You do not need to specify the s switch for the size of the flash. Promgen will just roll over the address counter, and iMPACT only requires the start address.
AR# 52862
日期 11/12/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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