AR# 52945


2012.3 Vivado - Extremely long error message in Messages window slowing GUI down


I get an error or warning message and view it in the Message View.

If the error is expanded by selecting the + symbol to the left of the message to show the full content, and it is an extremely long message, the GUI slows down as if it hangs and becomes extremely slow.

For example:

Placer is unable to place hundreds of Macros for one reason or another. If the error message is expanded, it lists the entire set of macros that could not be placed.

[Place 30-365] The following macros could not be placed:

(Listing of all of the macros it could not place)



You can return GUI responsiveness by minimizing the message if it is expanded. This issue is fixed in Vivado Design Suite 2012.4.
AR# 52945
日期 11/16/2012
状态 Active
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