AR# 52958


Vivado 2013.1 - "[Edk 24-166] (generate_ target): Failed to execute XPS script..."


The following error message appears in my system that contains XPS projects added as a submodule into a Vivado project:

"[Edk 24-166] (generate_target): Failed to execute XPS script. Please check for any errors reported by the XPS application in the console:"

How can I fix this issue?


Following are a few suggestions on how to fix this issue:

  • Make sure that the path to the XPS submodule is less than 256 characters.
  • If migrating from an older version of the Vivado (or PlanAhead) tool, double-click on the XPS project and let the rev-up tool update the XPS IP cores to the latest versions.
  • If there are custom IP used in the XPS project, make sure that these are in the pcores directory, or a local repository that is pointed to in the .XMP file for the XPS project.
AR# 52958
日期 06/03/2013
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