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AR# 53038

14.x System Generator - ISE Does Not Honor Library Assignments for Multiple Models


After creating HDL Netlists for multiple models in SysGen and importing the SGP into a Project Navigator project, the Libraries are not honored. This may be leading to conflicting definitions in the project, causing it to function unexpectedly.


When importing multiple SysGen Models into ISE, selecting the SGP does not function properly. In order to use multiple Models, users should following the flow below.

  1. Open Sysgen from Start Menu or Shortcut (Do not start Sysgen from MATLAB)
  2. Open Sysgen Model
  3. Generate HDL Netlist to specific directory. Ensure VHDL files being generated (Verilog has been known to cause additional issues)
    Step 1
    Step 1

    Step 2
    Step 2

  4. Run the xlSwitchLibrary command in MATLAB
    xlSwitchLibrary(./hdl_netlist1, work, design1_lib)

    Step 4
    Step 4

  5. For each Model, perform steps 2-4
  6. Open ISE Project Navigator
    - Create top level if needed
  7. Create New VHDL Library for each Model (naming should be same as that specified in the xlSwitchLibrary command)
    Project -> New Source -> VHDL Library -> Specify File Name
    Step 7
    Step 7

  8. Import <modelx>.vhd , <modelx>_cw.vhd, and <modelx>_tb.vhd (optional)
    - Project -> Add Source -> <modelx>.vhd, <modelx>_cw.vhd, <modelx>_tb.vhd -> Open
    - Choose corresponding Library to place files in
    Step 8
    Step 8

  9. Add netlist directory into Macro Search Path for Translate
    - Right-click Translate -> Process Properties
    - For Macro Search Path, add the corresponding netlist directory for each Model.  Make sure to select Add Directory for each additional netlist directory

    Step 9
    Step 9

AR# 53038
日期 12/20/2013
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
  • System Generator for DSP
  • ISE
  • System Generator for DSP - 14
Boards & Kits
  • Virtex-5 Boards