AR# 53068


3.6 Clocking Wizard - v3.6 Clocking Wizard does not remember the frequency I defined for my CLK1, CLK2, and CLK3 outputs


I generated a Clocking Wizard v3.6 core through CORE Generator with three output clocks. 

When I re-open the CORE Generator project (.cgp file) then attempt to re-customize the IP core, all three output Frequency settings on page 2 are reset to 100MHz.

This was not one of the requested frequencies. 

The tool does remember that I am using three outputs, but I have to re-enter the output frequencies.
Is this a known issue?


This is a known issue, the frequencies should be remembered.

This issue is fixed in the Clocking Wizard v3.6 rev2 available in ISE version 14.4.
AR# 53068
日期 08/12/2014
状态 Active
Type 已知问题
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