AR# 53115


iMPACT 14.1/2/3 - SVF files generated for Indirect Programming on multiple device JTAG chains will fail


SVF files generated in iMPACT 14.1/2/3 can fail on TDO check operations as part of Indirect programming of 7 series devices in Multiple Device chains. This issue is introduced by incorrect data shifts within the TDO check values of the files. The failures can be seen on flash data verification operations and other flash register reads. These issues will cause the SVF to fail and prevent programming of flash (BPI or SPI) using the indirect programming methodology in SVF mode. This issue will only occur on JTAG chains containing more than one device. 

How can I work around this issue?


This issue is resolved in iMPACT 14.4. The fix means that an SVF generated for a single device chain cannot be manually adjusted using SVF commands to pad IR and DR data shifts. The SVF must be generated for the full device chain and iMPACT will adjust appropriately.



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AR# 53115
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