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14.3 Zynq-7000 How to connect two I2C controllers together in PL?


I want to test both of the I2C controllers in my ZC702.

How do I connect two I2C controllers together in PL?


1) Set the I2C controller to EMIO pin.
2) Make the ports I2C0_SCL_T, I2C0_SDA_T, I2C0_SDA_T, I2C0_SCL_I, I2C0_SDA_I, I2C1_SDA_T, I2C1_SCL_I, I2C1_SDA_I external.
3) Connect these signals in the top HDL file as follows:
  • assign processing_system7_0_I2C0_SCL_I_pin = processing_system7_0_I2C1_SCL_T_pin && processing_system7_0_I2C0_SCL_T_pin;
  • assign processing_system7_0_I2C0_SDA_I_pin = processing_system7_0_I2C1_SDA_T_pin && processing_system7_0_I2C0_SDA_T_pin;
  • assign processing_system7_0_I2C1_SCL_I_pin = processing_system7_0_I2C0_SCL_T_pin && processing_system7_0_I2C1_SCL_T_pin;
  • assign processing_system7_0_I2C1_SDA_I_pin = processing_system7_0_I2C0_SDA_T_pin && processing_system7_0_I2C1_SDA_T_pin;
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